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Can you imagine living in a fair and caring society (local, national, global) built on values of social justice and looking after each other? Can your song help to create a society which cares for all its people, rather than a society based on winners and losers?

In Australia there are many who win, but on the backs of those who lose: jobless, homeless, asylum seekers and victims of domestic violence. Others include: victims of discrimination on the basis of ethnic background, religion, sex or sexual preference; those with unequal opportunities in education, access to health services and timely mental health support. In Australia we are winners in our standard of living, with the losers far away and out of sight, working as cheap labour in poor working conditions overseas.

The economy is also a vital part of our social justice system. This requires: a strong economy, a fair taxation system; generous, well supervised overseas aid; standing up against the abuse of power of big corporations, strong public policies and more.

Choose your issue from any of those below or others of your own. Follow the links for more information, or find your own.

Check out  Daniel Zisin‘s Song about Micro Finance

Global Economics, Corruption and Greed

Could this be the root cause of many of the worlds problems today?

Government corruption, corporate corruption, the murky world of offshore business combined with government pay-offs, often in foreign lands, or in untouchable tax havens. This has been described as the number one reasons for global poverty. This concerns the perpetuation of the military machine, the weapons trade, oil money, modern day slavery and abuse of workers rights among it’s many aspects. From the Iran-Contra Affair to the wars in the middle east and beyond, it’s all there but hidden from view.

This is the primary cause of the refugee crises, it also makes change for the sake of the environment, very slow and difficult. However, from the comparative luxury of life in Australia, it’s hard to comprehend the profound and complex impact this tangled and complex web has on our world.


Video about closed door deals between governments and corporations


Unaoil, The company that bribed the world>>


The Coconut Revolution. Many people have little knowledge of Australia’s military involvement in supporting mining giant RIO TINTO ZINC’s (1988 -1997) assault on the people and environment of Bougainville (Solomon Islands Achipelago). An incredible story, but a stark reminder of the reality of corporate greed and military intervention in plundering resources. If you can see the original video it’s definitely worth a look.

SBS Dateline Documentary about the push to reopen the mine at Bougainville

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Can you imagine what it would be like to have to flee terror in your own country, spend days or weeks in a leaky boat on dangerous, rolling seas ready to swallow you at any moment, and then arrive in a new country, where you are terrorised even more? – See more at Radio 3CR’s Refugee Radio>>

See ChilOut’s (Children Out of Immigration Detention) web page here>>


With more tragedy unfolding on Nauru, it’s time for the Government to cease deportations>>

Marriage Equality

Does one person have the right to enforce their view of who should and shouldn’t be able to marry based on there religious beliefs or any other belief? Find out more about marriage equality here>>    and even more here>>

Indigenous Rights


Amnesty’s campaign for the rights of Indigenous Peoples>>

Slavery and Fair Trade

Slavery is still going on even in today’s modern world. FInd out more about the fight against modern day slavery and what is really going on here at Walk Free>>

Not only is slavery still going on, there are people all over the world working in conditions of virtual slavery. Slavery is illegal throughout the world, however we as Australians, seem to be generally accepting of the fact that our affluent lifestyles are  supported by people working in conditions of actual and virtual slavery.

Though the first world is supposed to have outlawed slavery, we have effectively and conveniently, moved our slaves offshore or over the boarder, where we pay them a pittance, thereby absolving ourselves of our obligation to respect the human rights of our fellow men and women.

Above: Mexican workers in U.S. owned car factories in Mexico get about $5 an hour whereas in the U.S. the get close to $30 per hour.

Below: The U.S. Mexican border town Nogales. Ford’s Fusion car plant is on the Mexican side of the border.

If you think that’s bad, textile workers in Sri Lanka and Pakistan earn around $2 and $3 US per day and suffer appalling conditions. That’s right per day! Are we as Australians happy to be a part of supporting that sort of trade? Many of us wear those clothes?  Can we honestly say we believe in fair days work for a fair days pay? Where does that put all those “lifters” who send larger manufacturing to those countries, underpay and abuse the workers, to bring in that extra percentage for the shareholders and make it virtually impossible for smaller local businesses?

Asylum Seekers

Australian political party policies on immigration:

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Children in detention:

Off-shore detention:

Mental health in detention:

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Indigenous Rights


Racism – facts & figures:

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Supporting/ rebuilding  Indigenous Australian Culture and Pride

The stolen generation:



Issues in Education


Federal funding for government and non-government schools:

My school website:

Public versus private schooling:


Issues in Health

Mental health

Issues in mental health:



Domestic Violence

Support for families and communities


Gender equality

Marriage equality


The Economy

Fair distribution of wealth

Fair taxation system

Standing up to the power of big corporations