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Political satire aims generally to entertain; protest songs aim to change. Combine them and we have an entertaining force for social change.

Choose your issue from any of those below or others of your own. Follow the links for more information, or find your own.

Check how the major political parties “score” in the theme areas, “Social Justice”, “Environment” and “War and Peace”. If you want to write political satire it pays to know as much as you can about the political party’s policies. You can see through the veil of spin when politicians talk one thing and their policies or actions don’t add up.


Check out the Australian Conservation Foundation’s political score card here>> 

You can get a quick overview or click the plus signs next to each party for a detailed analysis on most of the issues relating to environment

Here’s another scorecard from the World Wildlife Fund Australia>> again this reinforces that, if enough people get on board, voting for the right party is one way you can make a huge difference. Sometimes lobbying is just not enough.

Social Justice

War and Peace

While we don’t have a scorecard for the political parties’ policies on war and peace you can look at the links below. Click on the party’s name to link to their web sites to see some of the policies that relate to war and peace.

In brief, the Liberal Party>> doesn’t seem to have a policy aside from increasing military spending and building more ships and weapons.

The Australian Greens>> have a policy around peace and security that includes a provision that “the deployment of Australian military forces overseas must require the approval of federal parliament”. A provision like this may have prevented our involvement in Iraq and could ensure we don’t go to war against our interest or in a non democratic way. The Greens policies also stress working to reduce the causes of conflict.

The Australian Labor Party>> dooes’t seem to have a policy listed on their web site that specifically deals with the injustices of war or causes of war or to require parliamentary approval for deployment of troops. They do have a policy on building submarines and maintaining frigates.

It seems a sad indictment of Australian politics and Australian political awareness that perhaps we have already forgotten our involvement in the hundreds of thousands of lives lost and the terrible conflict that still goes on  in Iraq today. We so easily let it happen while sitting back and watching the war on our TV’s from the safety of out lounge rooms.  All the while the majority of our population (we weren’t the only ones opposed, it was said to be something like 80% of the population in the UK) were opposed to our deployment of troops.

Does Lest We Forget only apply to wars from long ago or returning soldiers, but not in our decisions to go to war? Do we really want to change by changing our government’s policies now? Is it only lip service if we don’t walk the walk?