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“Change the World with Your Song” is a songwriting competition which aims to generate constructive discussion and  to help change the way people think about issues which impact on us all.

Age categories

Primary School
Secondary school
Open Age (adults and anyone no longer at secondary school)


Workshops: (Optional extra) Go to Workshops here >>

Dates – CLOSED

To Enter


1. Identify which age category you are in (see above)

2. Decide which Theme (above) interests you most to write your song about

3. Read the given theme material and decide on the topic. For example under the theme “Environment” you could write your song about a topic such as Climate change, recycling, coal-seam gas, green energy, or …..

4. Attend a workshop to learn more about song writing – definitely optional and apologies that they are only available in a limited number of locations (See above and link.)

5. Read through the “Song characteristics” (below)

6. Write your song

7. There will be opportunities to collaborate with others through Facebook

8. Record your song on an MP3. See our song recording software recommendation

9. Read carefully through the Terms & Conditions

10. Enter using the on-line Application Form with on-line payment, then attach your song as a mp3 file OR Contact Us to request a postal application.


Primary School: $15.00 each entry; multiple entries accepted
Secondary School: $15.00 each entry; multiple entries accepted
Open: $30 each entry; multiple entries accepted
OR Non-waged $20; multiple entries accepted

At the end

  • The winner, second & third in each age category will have their song professionally recorded on a compilation CD with established artists and receive a prize.
  • The remaining finalists in the top 10 in each category will receive a Certificate of Commendation
  • All entries will be considered for an e-book containing lyrics from various submissions.

Prizes >>

Song Characteristics

We are looking for songs which:

  •  Influence/challenge public opinion on the themes given
  • Express concepts that people can connect to
  • Appeal to people, making them want to listen to, talk about and sing the song
  • Are original in lyrics and melody
  • Are submitted in mp3 format and less than 30 MB.

Note that:

  • Songs can be a collaborative entry, but applicants will share the prize
  • Production/Recording quality and vocal ability are not criteria.
  • Lyrics which reflect racial, religious or sexual discrimination, or are deemed offensive by the judges are not acceptable.
  • The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Judging Panel:

Hugh McDonald Tali White Raleigh Williams
Mal Webb James Blundell Greg Champion
Jude Perl Robbie Greig Lisa Crawley
Ava Sajo

Funding Good Causes:

This project aims at least at cost recovery. Any profits from this project will go to Indigenous, Environmental, Refugee and Peace organizations and the Nillumbik Greens. For more details, or to be included in the funding mix, contact us

This project is an initiative of the Nillumbik Greens. All organizational work for this project, all of the studio recording, some of the printing and a little of the graphic design have been voluntary. The Workshops were independently run. All prizes have been donated or provided at reduced cost by organizations, businesses and individuals who really care.