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Say hello to our finalists!

We are very pleased to announce the finalists for the Change the World with Your Song competition

Below is a list of the finalists for each age category in alphabetical order of surname. Thank you to all of our fantastic entrants. The quality, depth and breadth of the songs we received was phenomenal, and we wish they could all be on the CD!
A Certificate of Commendation will be issued to all finalists, other than the winning three in each age category
A selection of comments will be published October 1st which will be relevant to all entrants.
Special Awards (not necessarily from the finalists) will be announced soon and winners will be announced on October 6th. Apologies for the delay!
Congratulations to our finalists!

 PRIMARY SCHOOL (All from Vic.)


Baulch, Kieffer – Respect the World (Environment)
Devanny, Isabelle – Paint the World (Social Justice)
Devanny, Isabelle – Come on and Dance (Social Justice)
Oretti, Freya – Love (War & Peace)
Taylor-Morice, Billie – I Want Sunshine (War & Peace)




Brown, Rachael; Jackson McDonald; Chloe Falzon – Make Peace (War & Peace, VIC)
Dobson, Joshua; Lyndon Riggs; Rylan Herrick – Surprise (Open Your Eyes) (Social Justice, VIC)
Gupta, Samarth – Unity (War & Peace, VIC)
Larkins, Ella – Turning the Tide (Environment, VIC)
Law, Hazel – The Islands (Social Justice, QLD)
Ling, Charmaine – The Wrongs We Know Today (Political Satire, VIC)
Roman, Jade – Bulletproof (Social Justice, VIC)
Scobie, Annabelle – Petitions (Environment, NSW)
Tracas, Zoe – Earthquake (Environment, WA)
Wynne, Erin; Emily Nancarrow; Mikayla Whitten – Let’s Make a Start (Environment, VIC)



We had 123 entries in this section, including many other excellent songs which aren’t listed here.
Beck, Zane – The Humans Had Woke Up (Social Justice, VIC)
Bell, Kay; James Shipstone – For Our Children (Environment, NSW)
Brady, Austin – UN 514 (War & Peace, VIC)
Burgess, Joseph – Part of the Furniture (Social Justice SA)
Cowan, Sarah – Western Greed Blues (Political Satire, NSW)
Griffith, Mary-Lynn – Stop the Fighting (War & Peace, VIC)
Kunasegaran, Kartik – A Better Day (Social Justice, NSW)
Law, Karen – Walk Your Feet (Environment, QLD)
Martin, Melchoir – Tell Me (Environment, VIC)
Mizzi, Khristian – We Ain’t All Equal (Political Satire, VIC)
Perri, Francisco – Anthem (War & Peace, VIC)
Simpson, Linda – Brangie Moon (Social Justice, VIC)
Simpson, Linda – Compassionate Country (Social Justice, VIC)
The Somedays – Skin (War & Peace, NSW)
Web, Harry – SOS (Stars Over Syria) (War & Peace, VIC)

Congratulations and thank you to all of our wonderful entrants!



Your songs were outstanding and we wish they all could be on the CD. Thank you for singing and writing about the issues that matter to you. Bit by bit, we can change the world together.
– Change the World with Your Song Team

If you win

“Music and art have healing qualities that have been used for millennia to raise awareness, change thoughts and behaviours and improve the fabric of societies. Every single person has the right to a voice and I believe in the power of song to change the world,” Shellie Morris, multi-award-winning Wardaman/Yanyuwa woman. 

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